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Long Haul Flight at 32 Weeks

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    Long Haul Flight at 32 Weeks

    I am living in Israel and moving back to my home town in Australia. I will be 32 weeks, and just wondering if anyone has done such a long flight around this stage. I am a bit worried that I am going to get anxious and a bit squashed over such a long period of time...

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    You should really discuss this with your doctor, just to be safe, but I can tell you about my own experience. I was 31 weeks when I had to travel back to my country when my dad got really sick. The experience was really tough, and I'd not recommend it, but not because it happened to me it means it will happen to you I was lucky to find a 15 hours long flight instead of the usual 21 hours long one! Only 1 connection flight, that indeed helped with the stress, because I'm a very anxious person by nature! By the way... how long is the flight supposed to be? I'm guessing you will have to catch at least 1 connection flight.

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