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Gift Baskets

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    Gift Baskets

    Hey guys! My name is Breana and I am a mother of one! I started sewing when I was about 13 and just fell in love I have recently been blessed with a mother in law whom shares the same hobby, She has blessed me with a brand new brother sewing machine and all her unused fabrics that were collecting dust! With those I started to sew many different gifts for a bunch of my family and friends! I recently sewed a lot for friends having babies, I put a new twist on those boring white burp pads, and I fill baskets with EVERYTHING I KNOW a new mommy will need! It brings me joy to know that they will have all their necessities and that I have provided it all for them, because when I was starting out I had to figure everything out, yeah I had some advice but mainly had to figure out what works and what doesn't. Friends and family have appreciated those gifts for so long that I have decided to share my gift baskets with others around the world, and what better way than social media and baby forums?!!!

    I have started a blog that will explain more about those gift baskets! Feel free to check it out....

    XOXO, bre

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    i can

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