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my birth story

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    my birth story

    my birth story is a little crazy and might be a little long. some background info: I was planning on doing adoption for many reasons so i wasnt expecting to go home with a baby and had zero baby things.

    I had a pretty perfect pregnancy aside from some bad morning sickness and a scare that my son might have down syndrome cause his head is so big but the tests came back and hes perfect. My doctor was hoping my labor would be easy too but that didn't happen. I was due July 22, my last appointment was the 17th and he was surprised I didn't have any false alarms yet and that I was still at a 1 the past 2 weeks but since baby and I were fine he was ok letting me go till 42 weeks and my next appointment was for noon the 24th.

    I started feeling something the 23rd and went to triage at 3am cause of the pain, turns out it was pre labor and since I hadnt progressed past a 2 in 4 hours they gave me morphine and sent me home. All day i was having irregular contractions, my boyfriend showed up and he took my mom n i to dinner. I'll never forget it, I was having contractions every 10-15 minutes at dinner and it was just funny, it wasnt painful so the only one freaking out was my mom. After we got home the bf left since he was going on vacation with his daughter the next day [it was planned before we had even met].

    Contractions were getting more and more painful so finally at 4am the 24th I couldnt take the pain anymore, thinking i wasnt in labor i figured they would just give me morphine and send me home again. Surprise! im at a 4 and going to have a baby soon. I demanded an epidural [i wanted to go natural but the pain was too much] and after that i felt SO much better and got a much needed nap lol.

    When I got to my room and had cell phone signal I called the family I had picked to adopt my son and the adoption lawyer first then made calls to the bf and my best friends who are like brothers to me to tell them im in labor and having a baby soon. my "little brother" was already on his way up here from missouri and everyone else was excited, the family had started the 12 hour drive to PA. The doctor comes in and says im still at a 4 but totally effected and he breaks my water and starts pitocin, they had to give me the lowest dose possible since his heart rate would drop if they tried to up it and my bp was super low from the epidural so I was given meds to try and raise it but most of the day I was 90/100 at best I think.

    A few hours later the adoption lawyer calls me and tells me they found my ex husband and he refused to sign his rights so the adoption cant go through. This is where I start freaking out, I have no baby things nor was I ready to be a single mom. The hospital was amazing and reassured me everything would be ok, they helped me out so much by giving me a pack n play and some baby clothes/blankets. I relaxed and just focused on being in labor. My little brother shows up and keeps me calm and was wonderful support.

    The next time the doc comes in I was at a 6, its late at night and he starts talking about c-section since I havent progressed much all day but since baby was fine he let me go longer. My epidural was messing up and my left side wouldnt stay numb so all day they were coming in trying to fix it and pumping me with more meds. Shift change happens and the person who did my epidural when I was first there came in and was shocked i was still there lol, he said if this last attempt fails they would have to totally redo it. They had to put me on oxygen cause if i layed on my left side babys heart rate would drop and I couldnt lay on my right side since the pain would get even worse.

    4 hours after shift change im crying in pain demanding a c-section. My doctor comes in and im happy cause its the doctor i saw my entire pregnancy and i trust him. He checks me and im still at a 6. So i only went from a 1-6 in two days, in all reality i should have been pushing if not had him by now. They start prepping me for a c-section and i loose all track of time.

    Heres where it gets crazy... I get to the OR and they have to redo my epidural, it took 4 people to help me sit up and I couldnt stay up. It hurt too much and babys heart rate dropped. They had to do it while i was on my side and somehow i managed to stay perfectly still. they give me 2 doses of meds that should have numbed me but it didnt so they had to give me another one and my bp started dropping so more meds to bring it up. My mom comes in and she just starts bitching at everyone and ignoring me. The two anesthesiologists ignore her and instatnly focused on me and became my support team. they tell me whats going on, that im doing great and eveything is good. My bp starts dropping again and I can feel them moving my insides, i feel them pull him out and eveyone is shocked how big he is. At this point im starting to loose consciousness and start puking, thankfully I remember his first cry and I start crying. theyre trying to keep me awake and talking. I dont remember getting back to my room but when I wake up my mom is holding him and they tell me everything.

    I had a perfect, healthy baby boy. 8 pounds 10 oz. 22 inches. Its no wonder it hurt so bad, he got stuck in my pelvis. Im only 5'2 and 120 pre baby. Nobody would have guessed he was so big cause I didnt look that big and was 150 at the end lol. Im still pretty out of it but I ask to see him and it was love at first sight, there was no way I could live without him and I wouldnt have gone thru with adoption. He was beyond perfectly chunky. I dont fully get out of the fog till I get to recovery and I can finally hold him, we tried breastfeeding and he took to it perfectly and I was even more in love.

    My milk supply is low so I have to use formula after feedings if hes still hungry, hes now 9 pounds 5 oz and still perfect. I've been pumping and taking fenugreek to up my supply and its slowly working. I couldnt be happier having him, my mom has been a true god send and my bf gave me alot of his daughters baby things and is gonna give me her crib when he gets her a big girl bed [shes 3 and wants one lol] I have so much love and support from friends and family its amazing and I know I can be a single mom to this wonderful little boy.

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    Best wishes to you!

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