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Nipple Pain From Pumping?

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    Nipple Pain From Pumping?

    Do any of you ladies experience nipple pain from using the pump? I tried lanolin, coconut oils, switching to bigger, smaller, flanges... any suggestions on how you cope? Surely this cannot be the status quo for all women to experience this discomfort right?

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    Yes. I have. Usually this happens due to the size of the nipple did not match the size of the breast shield .

    This website helps me a lot in choosing my breastpump. It also has other useful tips.

    Just go to Moms2be/Moms tab.

    Hope it helps you as much as it did me.

    Btw, i am using the S2 Spectra now.

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    I had a great deal of nipple pain until I finally got the right size breast shield as Sofia suggested. Something to keep in mind though, your nipples (at least mine did) will get thicker the more you breastfeed, so I had to change to a new size every few months. I currently use a 36mm shield but wish they had one more size up from that. A 36mm-40mm would be perfect.

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