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My daughter is pregnant............again

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    My daughter is pregnant............again

    im sick of this s**t. i just want to slap my daughter across her face. My daughter has managed to get herself pregnant about 5 times that i know of including this time. she never listens to me does whatever she feels like. i don't get why she behaves like this her younger brother doesn't she aborted 3 of her children and im looking after the other and now she pregnant again i don't know what is wrong with her she isnt mentally well i have taken her to counselling after a month they say shes fine then he acts better for about 2 weeks and then she goes back the her normal behaviour im sick of it. i feel like kicking her out the house. she says she has had more children i just don't understand its not even like abortion is a fun process i saw the pain she had to go threw but she carried on getting pregnant and this time it might be too late to get an abortion the only option is for adoption but after this if she has another baby im kicking her out i can no longer look after the girl the state needs to look after he she doesn't even act like the baby is hers. she shouts at it refuses to do anything like change the nappies i cry myself to sleep some weekends she doesn't come back home and shes 15!! Shes usually stinking of booze and fags. we have had counselling and all this time she just puts on an act of acting innocent, acting like the counselling is working when it really isn't shes a psychopath i cant take it anymore.

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    She's 15 and has had at least 5 abortions? Why don't you put her on the shot or implant? I'm sure you could get the state to pay for it if you're on welfare. I think the implant is good for like 5 years. Sounds like she definitely needs it.

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    I am sorry to hear that. It sounds like a story of a really unhealthy family. Does she have a father? Was she happy being in your family? How much time did you spend raising your daughter? I do not want to blame you, but it seems you have to find the problem in its core.It all goes from the family and its issues. The only thing I can tell, you have to keep her under control and she really needs the help of professionals. You cannot take it on your own…

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    i am sorry to hear that

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    Listen, I am extremely sorry to hear what you're going through and I am not here to act like I know what you're going through but what I can say is this, YOU'RE THE PARENT. YOU need to start being in control. YOU need to take her phone away, take her laptop away, take her freedom away until she gets her shit together. Jesus christ, ONLY 15? that is honestly scary and sad. Young girls these days are being pressured into so much...body image, not being able to be themselves or express how they are seems to me like she is trying to cope with something through sex, drugs, and drinking. The way things sound, she's heading towards a very dangerous path. I will be praying for you. I really hope things work out for you and her. But please understand that YOU ARE THE PARENT, YOU HAVE THE POWER. I understand that now-in-days its considered wrong to hit your child but she's long over do for an ass whooping. You also need to talk to her and advise her that she is bringing innocent children into this world. Think of the damage your grandchildren are going to go through if she doesn't get the help she needs. There has to be some kind of boot camp or someone, something to scare her straight.

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    I am very sorry to hear that you are experiencing. I totally agree with the previous speaker that you should act strictly and immediately. Don't be scared to be enormously rude or cutting to her as she's not acting like a child should, so don't talk to her like she is. She's not innocent. And she is adult if she's having sex and BABIES! She should be isolated from everyone and she should receive a good help, from her paremnts at the first place. Wish you luck! I hope your grandchild will be a healthy and smiley child)

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