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Cystic Fibrosis or Asthma?

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    Cystic Fibrosis or Asthma?

    My son is 2. Since he's been 1, he's been admitted to the pediatric unit at our hospital seven times. We spend anywhere from a day and night to seven days and nights.
    My son has bad lungs. He gets a cold and he's admitted to the hospital. His air saturation is 80-93% (average is 98%+). He's been on aerosol machines and puffers since he turned one. Every doctor said asthma. Except one said it might be CF.
    After begging his pediatrician for a more concrete diagnosis, we did a sweat test (actually we did two). One came back borderline high and the second was normal.
    I was told it could be a false low (or hopefully a false high).
    We're currently on a night pass from pediatrics. My job is suffering. My relationship with my significant other is floundering. My health has taken a back seat to my sons, and I'm starting to feel the toll of doing so.
    I'm at the end of my rope. No one can tell me what to do next or where to go from here. The doctor wants a third sweat test (best two out of three, I guess). I just want a happy, healthy baby.
    Does anyone else have a child with CF or asthma? I'm in need of support...

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    My step-son has asthma. He uses a daily inhaler (Flovent), has a rescue inhaler, and uses a nebulizer whenever his asthma gets really bad. However, he's been needing inhalers less as he has gotten older. He used to have very bad asthma, to the point he was using all three daily at times. However, we've figured out what works for him and it's definitely been helping. We have a humidifier that we use and that I will put in a few drops of lavender essential oil in. Lavender helps manage the inflammation and definitely helps when he is sick. I've also made him tea with ginger and cinnamon (sweeten with honey and water it down).

    My step-son has had a few bouts where it seemed like something more than asthma. He gets a deep rattle in his lungs, but definitely has only been asthma. His asthma was caused by him aspirating meconium whenever he was born because it released before he came out. Don't worry. You'll pull through. Lean on your significant other and ask them for support because you're stressed out. Explain things to your work. The first years of a child's life can be stressful on the relationship, even with "normal" children.

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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