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Husbands Dad Brings Other Peoples Trash

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    Husbands Dad Brings Other Peoples Trash

    Husbands dad (he lives with us) brings home others peoples trash from the alley or by going through the dumpster, baby is not born yet but I am upset and husband does not think its a big deal. I am scared his dad will bring home something infected with disease or germs am I being to parnoid, do you think the baby will be fine around the junk? His dad does not sanatize these items and he himself showers once a week. I am a bit of a germaphobic, the things he brings home are kid toys, plates, utensils, shoes (some shoes had blood on them) just items he thinks are useful or nice, im really freaking out, am I overacting? If not what should I do?

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    Well first off I dont think your overreacting. If I were in your situation, I would talk to your husbands dad and try to be really respectful and explain to him that the baby is coming soon and you want everything to be nice and clean.Its all about the baby. Explain to your husband that this is overwhelming you and he has to help maintain this too or you have to take things in your hands and it may not be pretty and youre gonna do what is best for the baby before anything.Your husband doesnt think its a big deal probably because he may have been around it all his life(not sure but just assuming that could be why).Maybe compromise with the dad and make a space for him to put those things. If both are resistant and dont really want to do anything to solve the problem, I personally would just throw it away,back in the trash,myself because at the end of the day its about the baby. Im not saying babies need new things/be around new things or anything like that but they should be sanitized and cleaned especially for newborns since there immune system is kind of weak and its working to be stronger and explain theres an extent to what is brought home.

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    There is so many health and safety violations. With you being pregnant it's essential you keep your health.

    You can suggest other areas to bring other people's trash, but inside your own home is not okay! Show your husband the baby research on how being close to bacteria,possible hazardous chemicals, rotting food etc is harmful for you and the baby if he doesn't take your word.

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