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Which cartoon do you watch with your kids?

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    Smile Which cartoon do you watch with your kids?

    Hi moms,

    Do you usually have watching time with your kid? Let us know which cartoons you've watched.

    How about this one?

    Be fun!

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    I watch a lot of Disney and Pixar movies with the kids. Some even for the nth time in 1 day. There's finding dory, the good dinosaur, cars, hotel transylvania 1 & 2. My eldest loves watching Jurassic World over and over again (not that it's in any way a cartoon show but it's animated so..) :-)

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    My son likes Paw Patrol, Lion Guard and Mickey Mouse

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    Tom and Jerry

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    I am watching Max and Ruby ever afternoon with my princesss. In fact I watch Peppa Pig also in morning. Those are some interesting characters

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    My daughter adores various Disney cartoons Also the ones about superheroes are her favourites too, some of them are sometimes interesting even for me

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    My little girl loves Max and Ruby, Ask the Storybots, and Fraggle Rock. We're really into the classics.

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    Veggie Tales, Superbook, Chuggington, Baby Einstein. My son used to love Daniel Tiger, but doesn't care for it much anymore.

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