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My Estranged Husband Suing Me for Full Custody

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    My Estranged Husband Suing Me for Full Custody

    My husband left me when I was 22 weeks pregnant. We just got married this past June (after a two year engagement) and out of nowhere he tells me that he wasn't happy being married to me, that he needed to move back in with his parents so he could go "find himself" and that he wanted to date other people. Needless to say I was devastated and ended up having to move back in with my parents.
    I made every effort possible to try and reconcile our marriage but he was completely resistant to any attempt that I made. He started drinking very heavily once we became separated and became verbally abusive towards me. He turned into the complete opposite person than the one I fell in love with. Despite how broken my heart was I continued to keep him informed with my pregnancy and invited him to all of my prenatal appointments. But because I had a high risk pregnancy, I ended up on bedrest and he did nothing to help me only went out of his way to start fights with me over dumb things and it got so bad to the point where I had to tell him that I didn't want him accompanying me to my appointments anymore. Against my better judgment I decided to let him be in the delivery room with me when I gave birth to our son. I almost died on the delivery table after bleeding profusely and I even flatlined at one point. It took hospital personnel six hours working on me until I regained consciousness. He left right after I was settled into my room that night even after I begged him to stay and help me considering my poor condition.
    Two days later he showed back up at the hospital (while I was in the middle of my fourth blood transfusion) and tells me that he wants a divorce. I had to call hospital security to have him removed from my room, as he picked the most possible inappropriate time to bring up that discussion. The next day I receive an email from his lawyer stating that I am being sued for emergency full custody and divorce. The request for the emergency custody hearing claimed that due to my depression (which I have been medicated for 15 years) that I am a danger to myself and our son. He's also claiming that I drank heavily throughout my entire pregnancy (absolute lie), smoked cigarettes during th first trimester (I quit cold turkey as soon as I found out about the pregnancy), and that I was taking tequila shots at our wedding knowing I was pregnant at the time (once again another lie, I had a few sips of champagne for our toast that was it). He also claims that my behavior has been "increasingly disturbing" and took screenshots of text message conversations of ours, with his texts conveniently deleted from the thread so it appears as though I am harrassing him. I made a joke on social media when Trump was elected about surrendering my citizenship and moving to Mexico. He also is claiming that I have been "sniffing industrial carpet glue" after telling him that I loved the smell of the new carpet that my work installed at my office (I explained that I liked it like a new car smell).
    Luckily the emergency hearing request was denied by the court but was rescheduled for later this month. I was able to find a lawyer, but she is on vacation until after the new year which only leaves two weeks until the hearing. I am terrified that my little boy is going to be taken away from me which terrifies me beyond belief. I am breastfeeding him and there's no possible way that I will be able to pump enough to be able to provide for him to be away from me permanently. Also, he cries whenever I go into another room and leave my parents to look after him. I know that courts typically give primary custody to the mothers, and before my husband decided to sue me for custody I told him on multiple occasions that he was more than welcome to come visit his son whenever he wanted and could even stay in the guest room if he wanted to spend the night! He always blew me off, so I assumed he wasn't interested in being a father. I had no idea he was building this case against me!
    I need some words of encouragement because I can't live with the anxiety surrounding the possibility of losing my son. Every time the doorbell rings or I get a phone call I'm terrified that it's social services trying to take my baby from me due to more false allegations. I am an excellent mother, I love my son more than life itself and I take very good care of him. How do I defend myself against his lies???

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    I feel so sorry that you went through all this. Can you please tell me about your current status? Do you have the custody of your child? In such issues, it is better to consult an experienced lawyer who has handled such cases. My cousin lives in France and she contacted the lawyer Bechara Tarabay for child custody issue. If you want custody, then you can view online about many lawyers and their experience. Do not feel disheartened and stay positive. I am sure that you will get out of this.

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    Hi, I have 2/3rds custody of my son currently, but I know itís going to be an ongoing battle for the next 18 years unfortunately

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