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PPD: how to know..

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    Unhappy PPD: how to know..

    its been 2 years since my son has been born. in those 2 years i have had, mental break downs, low sex drive, bad thoughts, anger towards my son (that i shouldnt have) random anger and anxiety, insomnia, worriness. not trusting anyone to watch my son but me or my husband.. feeling alone. get irritated VERY fast... what im wondering is, could i have ppd that was missed and never diagnosed. i was on fluoxetine for anxiety before but stopped taking it bc it didnt help at all. should i be worried more then i am now, or what.. i just dont know what i to do. im constantly thinking im a bad mom for having all this going on and i cant do it.. i have had thoughts a couple times about hurting myself or my son, hubby doesnt know this.. i dont know what to do. i feel crazy.. i cant leave him for 20 mins without worrying so much that i have to get back to him, bc something might have happened or anything bad. i love him to no end, i just dont get why i feel like this most of the time..

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    Post partum depression, or even post partum psychosis, is a distinct possibility. This is very serious, but the good news is that there are support groups, therapists, and doctors who can help you through this, as well as medications you can take. You just need to find the right ones, which can take time and energy, but is ultimately the most helpful thing to do in this situation.
    ~Hope this helps!!

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