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Needing some advice.

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    Needing some advice.

    How do you all go to the restroom with small kids? Mine are either in the bathroom with me.... Banging on the door crying.... Or getting into things. It seems like I can't do any self care..... My children are 3.5 and 1.

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    It is not clear what is your requirement.

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    Most kids behave and if you caught their interest. For example, most kids love to watch Tv cartoons. Their mind will play if they understand on what they have watch in television. Television tells stories, and if they give attention to the television. They will surely understand that television tells a stories and it's fun for them. Let them understand and fall in love by stories. If they will do understand that they like stories and it's fun. There you can start telling them stories until they will adopt it as fun. By telling them, you lead them in the bed and tell them some short stories that it's fun for them to know. Note: you should choose a program shows that has a moral and learning. Don't let them take too much focus in television because television are very addictive. There they will discover that televisions are so much to discover in outside world.

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    Are you a single parent? It's better to leave kids with father when he's home and do all of the self care when he's there

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