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TTC with asthma

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    Question TTC with asthma

    I'm trying to conceive, and I'm possibly pregnant - waiting to take a test to confirm it. My asthma, which hasn't acted up since my teen years, has been really bad. It's the point I'm waking up at night unable to catch my breath, and taking a deep breath or even yawning causes pain in my chest and throat.

    My partner got me the Homeolab - Real Relief asthma respiratory care to try to alleviate the symptoms some. I'm trying not to take any unnecessary medication just in case I am pregnant and can't find whether this product is safe for me to even try. Does anyone have any experience with this or knows if this is all right?

    I'm unable to go to the doctor right now, due to lack of health insurance, and am waiting for it to kick in. I'm trying to find something to help me to breathe in the meantime, so any suggestions would be incredibly welcome!

    - Caitlin

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    hi caitlin,
    nice of you to share, am also asthmatic but its been a while since i had an attack. the thing that i might be doing differently that really helps is exercise. go out for runs and visit the gym it will help. asthma wont stop you from conceiving but if its difficult it would mean there is something else wrong.
    keep up the fight

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    hey caitlin
    When you have an asthma attack, the fetus may not get enough oxygen. ... The risk to the fetus from most asthmamedications is tiny compared to the risk from a severeasthma attack. Moreover, women with asthma that is uncontrolled are more likely to have complications duringpregnancy.

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    Hello there. Hope you are well. Listen, I have heard that if you keep your asthma under control; then it is no problem. If not then you will be facing some serious health issues; which ultimately your baby will face too. The problem caused by too much asthma during pregnancy is preeclampsia. I suggest you keep your doctor updated with your conditions. We all will pray for you. Love, Amanda Grill!

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