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    Social media is a growing tool in our society and as a mom you can use that to your advantage. Companies are looking for moms to promote their products. Instagram "influencers" or people with a big following can receive free products by just posting a pic promoting an item. I know the company Intipal gives away free baby products to moms who are willing to promote their company. I tried this with their instagram and received a cute sunshade for my baby!

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    I am the mother of two children. And I am enjoy working at home. I can see how my children growing up. I do not need share myself between work and children. It's not always easy. I work with design programs at home. When the first child was born, I dreamed of working such a job that I could adjust my working time myself. Now that's how I work. I am a graphics designer. In this way I realize myself. I learned at DistanceEducation24 remotely.

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    I'm a graphic designer so I'm able to take my work home and I also work freelance every now and then which again can be done at home. Most of the work as a graphic designer are done online/on a computer.

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