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How to know if your Toddler is gifted?

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    How to know if your Toddler is gifted?

    Hi fellow Moms,

    It's my first time to join mommy forums so please be patient with me .

    I am quite concern since my 22 months old son is showing extraordinary things. Hah! I know all moms think that their child is extraordinary. Please hear me out. I am from the Philippines and this is actually the first time that I met someone like him. At his age, he can already count from 1- 100 and can identify them from pictures. He also knows the alphabet in and out of order. He is very familiar with shapes and colors even when he is 15 months young. He knows a lot of animals and their sounds. He is very attentive and hyperactive at the same time. He loves books and playing blocks.

    Recently, I heard him spell simple words like mom and baby. I was really shocked! He already know how to use the words "and" and "or". And would use it in a sentence like Mommy, daddy "and" baby. Or purple "and" yellow.

    He also loves to sing. Although he can't pronounce the words clearly, the tune is on point. On my birthday, I was singing happy birthday to my self. Then minutes later, I heard him singing hmm...hmmm... with the happy birthday tune even though he only heard it once.

    The thing is he really can't control his tantrums and he does not respond to me saying "no" to him. He does what he likes and would throw tantrums if he doesn't get it.

    I know that gifted children are very hard to handle so I am asking for some advice. Please help me. He will enter toddler classes soon and I would like to know the best possible action to help him cope.


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    I have the same mindset with my daughter. When she was just around 8 months old, she is able to stack her "stacking cup toys" in a complex way. Instead of stacking them one by one, she stacks them in groups of three. After that she stacks those cup groups on top of each other. When I told her pediatrician about her behaviors (yes this is only one interesting act she did) she said that my daughter is "smarter than her average age". That is why I have a hard time disciplining her because she is a "witty" thinker and would find a way to get out of trouble. Her pedia told me to harness her gift, that I should check games and activities that will further help her develop her talent.

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    My daughter knows the alphabet, numbers, shapes, and colors at the age of two. And at the age of three. She can already draw. And true that because she is a smart kid, she is very hard to handle she knows the answer for everything. At her young age, she already knows how to reason out. Just let him be.

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    Kids are very precocious. As a parent it is important to nurture and help your child strive. The problem is that by the time you get to public K, the school system will not help nurture your child's talents. The school systems are generally concerned on graduation rates and "bridging the gap"! So only you as a parent can witness your child's talents and advocate for your child to be placed in the gifted and talented programs offered by your school system. Start researching that now - and keep your child's talentents shining!

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    HAHAHA! I'm sorry dear. But, it's really a little funny. You're really blessed with him. I wish you luck and yes! I think whenever you're taking him to toddler classes just mention this to his trainer. It's not something to be worried about...There are things like this with children. He will learn with time.

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