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Is it a good decision to work at home?

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    Is it a good decision to work at home?

    Hi all Moms. I quit my job 6 months ago as a graphic designer. I don't know if it is a good decision to work at home. I have a 3 year old boy and one teenager. One of my reason why I quit my job is I want to watch them at home even my sister and my mother who volunteer to watched them. I don't know if it is a good decision to quit my current job after having a financial crisis while having my freelance work. After doing freelance at home. My part-time can't sustain from my freelance income. Sometimes I'm thinking if I made a bad decisions after quitting my job. I didn't expect like this. I thought having freelance can sustain already to our family financial. It lead me to a regrets.
    Did I made a bad decision?

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    Well I would not call it a wrong decision because when you took that decision this was the thing which seemed right to you. I hope I am correct to point that out. Besides no doubt freelancing jobs can help you but only if you are doing it for multiple people and almost full day. Even I am working as a full time freelance copy editor only then I am able to meet the ends. So basically if you want to sustain and survive on your freelancing jobs remuneration you need to find out some more clients. Also you can try some additional freelancing jobs which can help you. And if your sister and mother are helping you take care of your kids you can even look for a full time job. Side by side you can keep doing the freelance work. But working from home comes with a lot of advantages. It comes with a variety of advantages most importantly you get lot of balance in managing your life. Look at the silver lining you are getting enough time to spend with the family. You are not commuting any longer and do not have to pay the high gas bills. You are not spending money on clothing and accessories. Most importantly you don’t have a boss on your head to harass you with workload. As for me I even started a full time job along with the freelance job. And undoubtedly I am experiencing great satisfaction. I am sure if you put some perspective into it you will find a lot of ideas. Just think with a clear mind.

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    * Hello, everyone

    I’m amazed at your sacrifice. Your site is amazing too. Your decision is great because it’ll benefit all your family especially your kids. Don’t worry about your income. Your efforts on your site are wonderful. Go on, the freelancing need to be patient.

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    Hi there. How are you? I agree with your thoughts. Children are best raised when proper care and attention is given to them. Some families need a women to handle them, otherwise they can not be handled. Sister and mother can also take care of them, no doubt. A mother's care and love is no where else. This is very true. I think you can earn in home more easily. There are very few but good online jobs are available. You may apply on Remember, Money can't buy happiness. I wish you all the best. A lot of love for your children. Take care of diet and health.

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    I think this decision isn't for those who want to make a career, but this is very suitable for a mother who wants to get extra money. My friend works at home. It for money places announcements on bulletin boards, for example such. If you are able to make websites or a web designer, then finding a job on the Internet is easier, but there is a lot of competition.

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    Hello Dear ! This doesn't seem to me as a wrong decision . You made a wonderful sacrifice your child. Also freelancing jobs can improve your skill up to great extent.Perhaps it was good decision to you quit your job. Remember every child needs the attention of his/her mother the most. Your kid is incredibly lucky to have you . I hope things work out for you both . Take care. Much Love xxx

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