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Rekindle the flame

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    Rekindle the flame

    Hi everyone,
    We've been married for 8 years with two daughters. Finally we can ask my parents to look after the kids for a week so that we could go on a trip. Can you guys suggests any location, romantic destination, anywhere that could help us re-heat.
    Many thanks!

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    It seems to me that Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world.

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    When I was in college, my parents paid for my trip with friends in Paris. It's really a wonderful city. Paris is famous not only for its romantic history and beautiful architecture, as there is a very full nightlife. I met people of different ages in nightclubs. Also in Paris, a lot of unusual entertainment. My friend and I were on the Nuru Massage ( I recommend to visit ), it was an interesting experience. I believe that this is an excellent city to spend time with your loved one. Or meet him in Paris)

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