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Disciplining special-needs children

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    Disciplining special-needs children

    Do you struggle to discipline your special-needs child? You are not alone. I have confided with many parents of special needs children and know that they are torn between allowing their children to grow into little tyrants and disciplining them to help them fit into a civilized society. Both choices are heart-rending. On one hand, you want your special needs child to grow into a responsible adult.But on the other hand, you are emphatic to his or her needs. So, moms with special needs children, how do you go about it? Here is my take on this issue:

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    I take a similar approach with my 7 year old special needs stepson. It is frustrating when something that should take 5 minutes (such as getting his shoes on and getting him out the door for school), takes 25 minutes.

    My boyfriend tends to yell and that NEVER helps. It seems like the best strategy is to be calm, put him on time out, and come back to them in 5-10 minutes and ask how he's feeling and how I can help.

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