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First time mom questions/concerns.

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    First time mom questions/concerns.

    Where do I begin?

    I'm 23 years old first time mom to a precious (pain in my ass) 6 month old boy.
    My concerns are napping/bedtime/feeding -- a schedule, really.
    Any time I read forums, it seems like other moms have it figured out and I honestly feel like a mess. I'ma just lay it out there bc its the truth and I don't have time for sugar coating shit or too worried about being judged. I need raw, honest advice.
    I feel like I can't put my kid down to sleep to save my life. He's a pain in the ass and has an attitude already! He growls or starts to squirm around whenever he doesn't get what he wants or if I try to rock him to sleep which i've been doing for months now, he squirms around like crazy and starts to push me away and cry..basically a tantrum.
    It feels like he doesn't nap at all. I force him to nap and it takes HOURS of rocking for him to go to sleep.
    Another concern of mine is nursing to sleep. I've never given him a bottle. I've always nursed him. Now I'm starting to pump but not much, just enough for his cereal which is a whole 'nother issue. He doesn't like any of the baby food! I feel like i'm forcing him to eat too. What do I do? Currently I'm just going with the flow in hopes that he'll just start eating it..I understand all of this is new to him just as it is for me.
    I feel like its crucial for me to start feeding him solids bc he wakes up at night. I'd say about 3-4 times. I'm a night owl and don't mind coming to comfort him until he nurses back to sleep (sometimes, not all the time does he nurse to sleep)

    As I stated above, rocking him to sleep takes hours. It's extremely frustrating. I don't have much patience. I start to bitch and say things out of being frustrated and tired. Sometimes I break down n cry bc I don't know how much more I can handle. I get images of hurting my baby and it really disturbs me deeply to get these images in my head bc I wouldn't do ANYTHING to harm my baby boy. I've looked up post-partum depression and realize I hit every "symptom". I honestly feel like a failure to my baby. I feel embarrassed. I don't wanna seek help. I feel like with discipline and practice I can get through it myself. I am going to try to do it myself. I'm working on patience and biting my tongue bc I've realized getting frustrated with him doesn't make it easier for either of us. Anyways, thank you for reading my novel. Yes, I am aware that I may not be able to do this all by myself and I have promised myself and my baby that if I can't get through it and feel that I am getting worse, I will seek help. It took me a very long time to admit to myself that I may have PPD.

    Please be 100% honest with me, that's all I ask. After all, we are strangers.
    All advice given may not be applicable to me but I am open minded and willing to try anything to better myself for my baby.

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    I nurse my 7 mo old baby and had her in bed at night with me, but we started needing her to sleep in her crib. Mostly to keep me and my husbands sanity! It's been really tough, we would give in every time. But then I found this app and have used it only 3 times, the progress is amazing. Each time we put her to bed it get's easier for her to fall asleep and stay asleep, it's WORKING LIKE A CHARM! The app is called "Sleep in You Own Bed, Baby" in the Google Store. I just wish I new of this 3 months ago! Hopefully, this will help you out!

Please reply to this thread with any new information or opinions.

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