Hi super moms! I'm a single mom with two kids and would like to share with you a hack I used to get dinner reservations easily.

Me and my kids wanted to have dinner at "The Mission" and when I checked with their booking, it said that they are already fully booked. Not wanting to let my kids down, I texted a service called Magic to check if they really were fully booked and if not, book one a table for me and my kids. Guess what? They were able to get me and my kids a table in the patio area! I have no idea how they pulled off their "magic" but I was so happy that they were able to work out a reservation and the kids had a blast.

Oh, and since I told Magic I was going to post about this experience, they provided me with this sign-up code that you can also use: M4SINGLEMOM to 83489

Have a great day, moms!