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5 year old Picasso

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    5 year old Picasso

    Hello all
    I really want some help on how to help my son do better in kindergarten. He is drawing on his desk, on his pencil holder. He will do his work but it takes a little time for him to get started because he wants to play before he starts. He is on grade level and above grade level in some areas. but he wants to be a class clown and be disruptive. He has had things taken away, I have met with his teacher, been in time out, and I am just at a loss. HELP!!!

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    I think you should figure out what interest him. If he like to draw then be it. Nourish your child's him develop by buying drawing materials. He may become a great Art pro someday. Almost all the kids at his age are like that. I mean they are exploring things around them.they are curious about everything. You must perceive your child as a developing him develop his talent.You will be greatly rewarded at the end.

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