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Eco-Friendly Crib?

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    Eco-Friendly Crib?


    I'm 4 months pregnant and looking to buy our first crib for little one. Some of the cribs online mention Greenguard or Greenguard Gold certified... how important is that? Is it necessary to purchase an eco-friendly crib?? Help please!

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    How do you know in the first place if it's eco friendly or not? As far as I know almost all the products are made in china. For me if you like eco friendly, You should buy a crib that is made out of wood. You can check it here if you want

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    I think eco gold and eco friendly are just catch phrases. Company use these to appeal to your logic and emotions. We live in a world where we want to save the environment. Doesn't something being eco friendly just make you want to buy it? I think these eco things are mostly just marketing technique. Unless the eco friendliness is verifiable, I am afraid that this is a crib just like any other. Good luck choosing the most comfortable one for your little one.

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