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6 month old not sleeping

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    6 month old not sleeping

    Hello, my DS is six almost seven month old now and sleeping beyond horrible.

    We were lucky, at 2.5 months he was only getting up once a night. He then hit the four month sleep regression and for 6 weeks things were bad, getting up 4-6 times a night.

    He goes down for every nap and at bed time awake but drowsy and almost never makes a peep just turns his head and goes to sleep. The past week or so now though he has been waking up at least 4 up to 6 times a night. We've tried everything to get him to go back down without nursing. He doesn't like soothers so that's out but has self soothed in the past. I've tried just shushhhing him and stroking his belly and no matter how long I stand there he just cries louder and stronger. He has a good bedtime routine and goes down without fail at 7 each night.

    It's like he's on a new schedule. He always wakes up at 9:30pm like clockwork. He shouldn't be hungry yet as he downs a 7-8 is bottle before bed. Last night was the worst he got up every 45 min from 3am on. Help I don't know what to do.

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    I nurse my 7 mo old baby and had her in bed at night with me, but we started needing her to sleep in her crib. Mostly to keep me and my husbands sanity! It's been really tough, we would give in every time. But then I found this app and have used it only 3 times, the progress is amazing. Each time we put her to bed it get's easier for her to fall asleep and stay asleep, it's WORKING LIKE A CHARM! The app is called "Sleep in You Own Bed, Baby" in the Google Store. I just wish I new of this 3 months ago! Hopefully, this will help you out!

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    My kids would start waking up during the night whenever they went through growth spurts. Their bodies just need more nutrition during those times. If he is hungry I wouldn't hesitate to feed him. He should only need to wake up once to eat though. If he is eating and still waking 4-6 times then it may just be starting a bad habit.

    Sounds like you already have a good bedtime routine going. Nice job. Something to consider though the night is playing soft music. That helped my kids to stay asleep at night.

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    Hi there. How are you? Have you consulted with the doctor? The baby might have some problem. Babies mostly do this when they have stomach problem. He needs most of your care and love. Good luck, Take care of your diet and health.

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