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How to open up to women online that I am divorced and a father of two?

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    How to open up to women online that I am divorced and a father of two?

    Iíve been divorced not too long and have two kids with me. Itís been a couple of years since then but I feel like Iím ready to get back into the game and find someone.

    I donít think I have what it takes to find someone in person. I know that my age is beyond what women would find attractive. But a few of my friends convinced me to try online dating and while I was searching for some trusted and decent dating sites, I came across AFA

    Iím honestly rusty with everything. I absolutely donít know what to do and how to approach a woman online. I feel as though there are many key points I should mention in my personal information page, but Iím lost.

    If I do match with a woman from abroad, Iím clueless as to how I can make a connection. How can I tell her about my past marriage and the fact that Iím a father of two children? I hear that younger women donít find these things attractive. Iím nervous at the thought of never finding the right woman.

    I can easily say that having nobody to love you after a tough divorce is hard to deal with. I would like to open my doors again to love and maybe find a woman whoís truly the one for me.

    Itís been difficult these past few years of being a single father and with my age advancing. I try to keep an open mind and to stay positive. I just really need some help with all this. Any kind of advice and some tips will greatly boost my confidence. Thank you so much in advance!

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    Trust me, just be honest. I know that if someone came up to me, we started dating, and I didn't know that he had kids, it would be hard. I'm not going to lie, it may be a turn-off for some people, but the right girl wouldn't care. Just tell her that you have kids without beating around the bush. Plus, sometimes younger women find older men to be hot!

    Hope I helped.

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    Hi !
    Being authentic is the best way ever !

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