Dear Moms (and dads)

Ok let me start by saying thank you for viewing this page, I have worked for two years researching, testing and producing a multi-use cover (its a carseat canopy,
ding cover, stroller cover, shopping cart cover, high chair cover, light blanket and stylish scarf). ALL THESE USES WITH JUST ONEPRODUCT SO SAVES YOU SO MUCH MONEY AND YOU NO LONGER HAVE TO CARRY A DOZEN THINGS ANYMORE - I made sure we used only CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON, AND 5% non toxic, free from harmful dyes spandex (to make it versatile and stretchy) so it is soft on your babys developing skin.

The reason I started is due to the fact that everyone uses non organic and mainly fake cottons, such as Rayon cotton (which is not made from the cotton plant)

Organic cotton is not only softer, kinder and gentle on your babies skin, it's also better for the environment as it hasn't been treated with pesticides and Chemicals.

Moms I
m trying my best to spread theword as I want everyone to be happy, you, your baby and the environment , get the best for your baby, because from a fellow mom to another, we want the best for our babys (COPY THE AMAZON LINK BELOW TO INVEST IN YOU AND YOUR BABY NOW)