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Depression during pregnancy

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    Depression during pregnancy

    Hi there, I am new here.
    I am a mom of perfect little girl who turns 2 yo today and I am 8 weeks pregnant with baby #2
    I live with my husband and my daughter in his country, which leaves me very lonely, specially because my husband doesn't have many friends and he works pretty much the whole day with 2 days off per week.
    I feel that I am getting very depressed. I have always worked in my life and here I cannot find a job, specially because now I'm pregnant. I have had a day of experience in a company, but the hours of work didn't meet with our schedule.
    I have nobody here but my in laws, the weather is so cold and the sun appears rarely. I come from a sunny, hot country and that impacts a lot my mood.
    My marriage is not weel. There are long time that it isn't good at all. But I can't explain why we keep trying to be togheter and in the middle of our miserable relationship we are adding children, which makes me feel very guilty.
    I find myself desperately wanting to leave his country and go back to mine, but I know that's not the best solution to run away from my problem here. Is just that him and I cannot communicate anymore. It's like we really hate each other.
    Also, my daughter loves het father to pieces, and so does he. I wouldn't want to separate them.
    And this pregnancy and all the hormones that came with it are too overwhelming for me. I even thought off ending it, but don't seem to have thr courage.
    I am desparate and hopeless.
    Thanks for any advice.

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    Aww Bridget, you poor thing.
    Have a look around your area, see if you can find any mothers groups. (you didn't mention which country you're in, but I'm guessing most would have mothers groups.) If you can't locate any, ask your doctor or midwife. Finding new people to talk to is always a great help.
    I'm sorry to read about the trouble with your husband, adding another child to a strained relationship is a very had thing. Stay strong. Talk to your husband, see if there is something you can work out. If possible, maybe he can cut back on his work hours?
    But really, the best advice I can give you is to seek out other mothers. Friends are very important and can help in more ways then one. Good luck, Bridget. Hope you can work though this depression.

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